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Kelly wearing Twisty Parallel Universe dress from Laboratoria; cuff by Aurélie Biderman from Grange Hall, Dallas, Chloé wedges from Tootsies. Photo by Jack Thompson.
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Cauliflower comes in all kinds of colors: white, yellow, orange and purple varieties.
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Carrots, swiss chard and kale. You have never tasted a carrot the way a carrot is supposed to taste until you grow it yourself.
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Kelly for Sports Illustrated
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Kim Alexis and Kelly Emberg upon arrival in NY. Photo by Jacque Silverstein.
In this photo:
Rod Stewart and Kelly Emberg with their daughter, Ruby, in NYC, 1989
In this photo:
Heirloom tomatoes abound beneath a trellisof asparagus beans in Rancho, Santa Fe.
In this photo:
Kelly and terrier Dod. Dod loves carrots.
In this photo:
Kelly Emberg, shot by Richard Avedon for Vogue in the early ‘80s
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Vogue cover by Richard Avedon
In this photo:
Kelly in the documentary About the Face, 2012, by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
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