Drybar Grand Opening

A Not so Dry Bar at the Drybar Fête

Erin Oppenheim. Photography Roswitha Vogler.  |  Photos by Roswitha Vogler
October 31, 2013
Event Date:
September 12, 2013

What's better than a perfect blowout done by a blow-dryer named Buttercup? Perhaps the sight of Buttercup blow-dryers hanging from the trees at the stunning home of Janet Gurwitch, Laura Mercier founder and Drybar investor, which was recently designed by fab designer Randy Powers. To celebrate the official arrival of Drybar to Houston, Drybar founder Alli Webb and CEO Michael Landau flew in from LA, which is where Drybar began, to help host this amazing evening of Cordua-catered culinary feats, which included a vertical salad bar as well as haute gastronomie push pop desserts. But back to Drybar, which is a simple yet brilliant salon concept: offer blowouts from a menu of styles, in and out in a matter of minutes, for chump change ($40). In 6 short years short years, 33 Drybar salons have opened across the US. Sporting the signature Up-Tini style, Webb worked the crowd of socials, who squealed like they were at an Hermès sale when they caught sight of the fabulous, and bulging, gift bags stuffed with their very own sunny yellow Buttercup blow dryer, a Lemon Drop hair brush, product samples and certificates for blowouts. Mellow yellow with good hair: Houston designer Chloe Dao, Jana Arnoldy, Lucinda Loya, Karen Mayell, Sheridan Williams, Chris Goins, Barbara Hurwitz, Ellie Francisco, Ting Bresnahan, Claire Cormier Thielke, Annsley Popov, Lissa Debes, Lindley Arnoldy and Kristen Nix.