Auctions Speak Louder than Words

TACA's Record-Breaking Gala at the Mansion

Billy Fong  |  Photos by Dana Driensky
October 31, 2013
Event Date:
October 20, 2013

When my invite to the TACA RBC Wealth Management Custom Auction Gala arrived, I immediately made a to-do list: Pull something spectacular from my wardrobe arsenal, as this night is not for amateurs; dial up Fort Worth it-girl Amy Yudiski to confirm a chic date; and reserve our usual driver to ferry us to Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek. This evening always satisfies every sense sight, in particular, as I surveyed the ladies in the Mansion's well-appointed rooms designed for the event by the brilliant Todd Fiscus. Some of the fashion standouts I spied included Ann Hobson, looking ever so girl-on-the-go but kicked up a notch with an atomic bomb of a diamond necklace; Capera Ryan decked out in gorgeous Vera Wang; Muffin Lemak in a feathered Ralph Lauren skirt; and Lisa Runyon wearing Dior.

With chairs Heather (in Lanvin) and Bill Esping and honorary chairmen Barbara and Don Daseke at the helm, the sold-out event drew more than 325 guests and raised upwards of $600,000  a record!  to support performing arts in North Texas. Aficionados: Gillian and Mark Breidenbach, Nancy and Clint Carlson, auction chair Wanda Gierhart, Jill Tananbaum, Jan and Jim Showers, Donna Wilhelm, John Wright Schaefer, Sharon and Michael Young, Emmanuel Villaume (newly appointed music director for The Dallas Opera), Duane Cote, Virasb Vahidi, Gus Hinojosa, Steve LaFredo, Gwen and Leldon Echols, Jim and Margo Keyes, Ed Tauriac, and Courtney Dunn.

With which cinematic role do you most identify?

"Probably a combination of the three female characters from one of my favorite films: Dangerous Liaisons."  Lisa Runyon

"Auntie Mame."  Niven Morgan

"Little Edie from Grey Gardens."  Shelby Wagner

"I'd like to be Arnie¹s [Arnold Schwarzenegger] character in True Lies."  Keith Laycock

"Octopussy."  Beth Wilson-Eason

"I think I have a hint of Scarlett O'Hara in my personality due to my Southern roots. A dash of Elizabeth Taylor from Cleopatra, since she had the most gorgeous raven-black hair and jewels and a lot of Holly Golightly, because I could spend every day having breakfast at Tiffany's."  Capera Ryan