Michael Imber Book Signing at Greenwood King's The Lobby

Burnished bloke of design hits Houston, books in hand.

Seth Vaughan. Photography Chris Brown.  |  Photos by Chris Brown
September 05, 2013
Event Date:
February 13, 2013

Property peeresses Julie Greenwood and Linda King hosted San Antonio-based architect Michael Imber at Greenwood King’s The Lobby for a book signing and dialogue regarding his new monograph, Michael G. Imber: Ranches, Villas, and Houses. Imber constructs his residential projects with deference to both regional architectural traditions and climate; the dialogue also revealed his strong connection to the rugged and poetic tones of the west. Abode aficionados: Joel Barkley, Julie Sandifer, John Weber, Amy and Todd Mueller, Schacht McCollum, Becky Birdwell, Bonnie Laughlin, and Victoria Jezic.