The Nantucket Showcase's Opening

Benefit for Legacy Community Health Services

Seth Vaughan. Photography Daniel Ortiz  |  Photos by Daniel Ortiz
August 28, 2013
Event Date:
April 11, 2013

Design denizens came out in droves to celebrate The Nantucket Showcase's opening, which benefitted Legacy Community Health Services. The 5,000-square-foot Tanglewood-area house — the first collaboration between Monsour Taghdisi of Prestige Builders and interior decorator Lucinda Loya — was designed by Regan Miller, AIA, and Miller Dashtrand Architects. An enviable équipe of artisans and craftsmen contributed, including textile designer Rusty Arena, landscape architects Richard Dawson and Lawrence Estes, artist Randy Twaddle, and antiquarian Kay O’Toole. More than a million dollars’ worth of fine art was culled from Barbara Davis, McClain and Hiram Butler galleries. The opening-night fête kicked off the two weekends of public tours, admission from which supported the Art Institute of Houston. Altruistic aesthetes: Legacy CEO Katy Caldwell, Bob Devlin, Alan Almai, Cenk Ozdogan, Erin and James Stewart, Claire Cormier Thielke, Tonya Riner, Terry Wayne Jones, Jonathon Glus, Rudy Martinez, John Daugherty, Jay Jones, Fady Armanious, Donae and Rob Chramosta, Teri and Phillip Pugh, and Sydney Adger.