Susan Roberson Wade Memorial Car Rally

Rallying for Susan: A Quest for the Cure

Adam Mrlik. Photography Jamie Watson.  |  Photos by Jamie Watson
July 31, 2013
Event Date:
January 01, 1900

The 20th Annual Susan Roberson Wade Memorial Car Rally was a treasure hunt of Houston proportions — and a family affair as well. Presented by Momentum Audi, the motorized scavenger hunt claimed the streets of Houston as its playing field. Founded by Bruce Roberson after losing his sister, Susan Roberson Wade, to breast cancer, Susan’s Rally has raised millions in its campaign against cancer. Rally participants arrived with a sense of adventure and a full tank of gas, and first-prize honors went to Rhonda Ross, Kaitlyn Sharpe, and Kay Hoss. Skilled scavengers: Doug Harris, Mike Box, Jeremy Larkin, Bill Larkin, Kara Perez, Gabby Guerra, and Ludeen Sweeney.