Getting Cozy Inside Emmet Perry & Savannah Houses New Diggs

Adam Mrlik. Photography Chris Brown.

  |  Photos by Chris Brown
July 08, 2013
Event Date:
April 25, 2013

Proprietors Jennie Perry of Emmet Perry and Kathryn Edwards of Savannah House heralded the incorporation of the latter within the Emmet Perry & Co. showroom with an open house. The remodeled space at The Interior Shops on Washington now features not only the quality carpets and rugs for which Emmet Perry has long been known, but also Savannah House’s distinct selection of design goods, including custom lighting fixtures, antique furnishings, fabulous tabletop accessories, as well as a new gift area. Design-loving guests: Deborah Thompson, Lin Mills Smolensky, Dena Wren, Christina Williams, Vera Juarez, Mariam Panahi, and Denise Mathews.