New York State of Mind for Dominic Walsh

Dancing to the Big Apple

Adam Mrlik  |  Photos by Mitchell Alexander, Shou Lin Hon
July 08, 2013
Event Date:
May 02, 2013

Dance-loving patrons came out in droves for the Dominic Walsh Dance Theater’s (DWDT) spring benefit at Deborah Colton Gallery. Appropriately themed “An Empire State of Mind,” the night raised more than $75,000 toward the company’s upcoming trip to the Big Apple. (DWDT will showcase its contemporary dance moves there at the renowned Joyce Theatre August 8 and 10.) Guests enjoyed an intimate performance of one of Walsh’s original creations and New York-based artist Harif Guzman’s canvases on the gallery’s walls. Danse disciples: DWDT dynamic principal Domenico Luciano, French Cultural Attache Sylvie Christophe, board VP Lise Liddell, Rania Daniel, Tatiana and Craig Massey (high bidders on the Mary Ann Strandell lenticular painting), and Jim Petersen Jr.