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Lacy Ball  |  Photos by Lacy Ball, Mark Anthony Nelson, George Fiala
March 06, 2013
Event Date:
January 01, 1900

The dashingly handsome Thom Filicia’s accomplishments are extensive: starring on a certain Emmy-winning television series, creating a wildly successful home collection and earning lavish praise from every design mag that matters. His newest endeavor — American Beauty: Renovating and Decorating a Beloved Retreat — is equal parts memoir and design manual. Two book signings gave fans the opportunity to rub shoulders and update their Facebook photos. At the Design District’s Kravet showroom, manager Kevin Shortridge, John Marrs, Doug Horton, Emily Gibson, Allison Gimpel, Kevin Brown, Rhonda Vandiver, and Lane Taylor vied for signatures and bubbly. Later that evening, Calypso St. Barth provided an intimate setting for design minds such as Jana West, Karen Whelan, Carly Cogill, Julia Parks, Carolyn and Paul Goelzer, Amanda Libby, Maria Walker, Rachel Reppond, Shannon Green,and Michael Flores.