The Jet Set Gyp Set’s Merry Band of Outsiders at the Art Ball

Brooke Hortenstine  |  Photos by Bruno, George Fiala
June 01, 2012
Event Date:
May 14, 2012

When art luminaries Jennifer and John Eagle, Marguerite Hoffman, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, Ann and David Sutherland,Deedie and Rusty Rose, Peggy and Carl Sewell, Sharon and Michael Young and the like share a room, the inclination to focus on their artful intelligence and radiant style can cause the milieu to be overlooked. At the Art Ball benefitting the Dallas Museum of Art, where these patrons and more traded their diamonds for Indian emeralds and slipped into hue-drenched dress, co-chairman Merry Vose and Julie Hawes enlisted Los Angeles–based “modern alchemist and purveyor of curious goods” Douglas Little and local designers Rusty Glenn and Nelson Robinson to ensure their Wanderlust theme would be noticed by all. Vose and Hawes also partook in a little alchemy of their own by remixing the evening’s itinerary, with the live auction (chaired by Gina Betts and Roz Colombo and sponsored by Christies) taking place in the Hamon Atrium before a seated dinner in the multiple rooms of the Chilton Galleries. “We were worried that dinner could be anticlimactic and boring without having the auction as the crescendo,” said Hawes, who wore a backless Dries van Noten. “But dinner was anything but boring — everyone was up and down, wondering from one glorious room to the next. It was one giant cocktail party that reminded me of Friday afternoons at Galatoire’s.” Scattered throughout the boldly colored dining areas decked in Little’s fantasyland decor were guests including Nancy Rogers, Catherine and Will Rose, Eugene McDermott director Maxwell Anderson and wife Jacqueline, artist Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld (son of Carine Roitfeld), James Cope, Nancy and Clint Carlson, Carrie and Steven Becker, Gayle and Paul Stoffel, Rex Cumming and Chris Gonzalez, Todd Fiscus, Margaret and Glenn Solomon, Rajan Patel, and Melissa and Trevor Fetter. “I love the stunning red poppies in our Butterfly Den dining room,” said Vose. “You have no idea how much we agonized over those darn poppies. Too much rain or sun makes a sad poppy. We were truly on pins and needles until the last minute to see if we could fulfill our order of 200 bunches needed for our centerpieces!” How to top their sensory-filled night of excess? With an after-party sponsored by Tim Headington, along with Matthew Giese, at the Rio Room, with an intimate performance by the exotic songstress herself, Erykah Badu.

“It was kind of like a modern acid trip. Can we say that? Technicolor tropical fish morphed into crazy flowers and a Wonder Woman belt was printed onto the fabric — it personified our Wanderlust theme.” — co-chair Merry Vose about her Mary Katrantzou dress

“I loved the mohair-skinned tigers that Douglas Little and our über-talented George Sellers did together. They flanked the auction stage and were outrageous.” — co-chair Julie Hawes

“They know we need this but can’t fit it into our evening bags!”— Roz Colombo on the plenitude of Mary Kay touch-up cosmetics lining the shelf in the ladies room