Hide & Chic

Jan Showers Designs for Kyle Bunting

Amy Adams  |  Photos by Glamorous by Jan Showers for Kyle Bunting
January 17, 2014

If challenged, we’d be hard-pressed to suggest how Kyle Bunting might up his game. He’s long been the undisputed master of decorative hide, partly because of his “any size, any shape, any color” mantra and his willingness to explore the materials’ potential for rugs, walls, objects and upholstery. So, how does he raise the bar? By inviting decorating doyenne Jan Showers to put her own sophisticated stamp on the genre. The result is a capsule collection that bears the interior designer’s unmistakable color savvy and pattern play. Six pillow styles include tonal stripes in mouth-watering shades of pink, split circles in watery turquoise or mocha medleys, and nesting squares that gradate from charcoal to butter yellow; the three rug designs are knockouts, but it’s the latticed framework in ivory that has us truly floored. To the trade at David Sutherland; davidsutherlandshowroom.com.