Iconic Vuitton

Charlotte Perriand for Louis Vuitton

Kate Stukenberg
December 13, 2013

Mid-century French designer Charlotte Perriand was the embodiment of the modern woman from the 1920s through the 60s, in sweeping areas of influence; she was an architect, designer, urban planner and photographer who broke away from conventions. Perpetually inspired by the idea of functional modernity, and working under Le Corbusier, her design aesthetic was elegant, functional, spare and timeless. As the inspiration for Louis Vuitton’s new Icons collection of ready-to-wear and accessories, Perriand’s life and work — null of superfluous details, but beautiful all the same — is reimagined as gingham-print and solid silk trousers, dresses, shorts and tops, leather skirts and jackets, a trench coat, swimsuit, silk evening gown and Damier-print handbags. Details are spare and functional — invisible zippers, reversibility and multiple functions, including a travel-friendly jacket with removable sleeves. Just
like Perriand’s modular creations, the collection pinpoints the indispensable and allows for a range of possibilities. At the Louis Vuitton boutique.