Sci-fi Skincare

The Science Behind IOMA

Megan Pruitt Winder
November 01, 2013

The most buzzed-about beauty regimen in Paris and London is now stateside: IOMA, at Saks Fifth Avenue. Founded and directed by French scientist Jean Michel Karam, the technology employs a state-of-the-art sensor — the NASA-approved and -used Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) — to measure the metrics of skin, personalize a treatment plan and even predict trouble spots for advance care. Post-diagnosis, you can indulge in IOMA’s seven-line, individually tailored collection. Our favorites are the Bespoke Youth Rituals: day and night creams custom-blended on-the-spot. Integrated into each product are eight serums blended from pure extracts, rare ingredients and special elixirs of extreme concentration. In all, 864 variations are possible, offering a truly bespoke beauty experience. Also, notable is the newly unveiled Youth Booster, a game changer with a cutaneous objective instrument so minimal it is embedded within the inside of the bottle cap, allowing one to measure their skin’s moisture level at home and in turn hydrate accordingly. It’s as if your dermo is on call 24/7. Youth Rituals $410 and Youth Booster $220, at Saks Fifth Avenue.