Sleeping Beauties

Mi Golondrina

Amy Adams  |  Photos by Cristina Lynch at Peacock Alley Design Showroom. Photo by Jenny Antill.
November 22, 2013

To say that Cristina Lynch has an abundance of creativity in her DNA profile would be an understatement. Her mother and aunt (Cristina Barboglio Lynch and Jan Barboglio, respectively) helmed wildly successful ventures of their own, and it’s clear this progeny inherited a serious helping of style, not to mention a ferocious work ethic. But with the launch of Mi Golondrina — a collection of beautifully embroidered linens, pillows and sleepwear available at Peacock Alley and on her own e-commerce site — Lynch projects both gravitas and passion, something she credits to the Lee Strasberg training she received while pursuing a theater degree at NYU. (Less applicable but equally impressive is her ability to mime holding a coffee cup for two hours.) Post-graduation, she had a stint in sales at Oscar de la Renta, whose own elaborate embroidery triggered memories of time spent “hanging out with the cowboys’ kids” on her grandfather’s hacienda in Northern Mexico. “I was shopping at ABC Carpet & Home and realized most of the color and patterns were inspired by India or Morocco. For me, the artisan tradition in Mexico has its own story to tell. And it deserved to be shared in a very high-end manner.” So, at her brother’s urging, she returned to Dallas and began the arduous process of finding craftswomen in and around the Oaxaca, Mexico, area who were skilled using embroidery techniques over 100 years old. “Mi Golondrina, roughly translated, means ‘my little swallow’ in Spanish,” she says. “It’s referenced in lots of romantic songs, and, for me, it evokes the possibility of new discoveries.” Lynch’s future plans include jewelry and other designs that showcase the very best of Mexican artistry. From $50 at Peacock Alley Design Showroom, 1403 Slocum St., 214.520.6736;