Rock the House

Brenda Houston’s Arte al Muro

Amy Adams  |  Photos by Brenda Houston’s Collezione Agata
November 22, 2013

Brenda Houston’s Arte al Muro is the equivalent of a back-in-the-day Jimmy Page: hard rocking and stop-you-in-your-tracks gorgeous. The designer travels the globe sourcing extraordinary minerals (some more than 100 million years old) for her furniture and decorative collection, and these wallcoverings play off photos she’s taken of her favorite pieces. The color, composition and proportion of her five patterns — Collezione Malachite, Collezione Agata, Collezione Agata Illuminato, Collezione Quarzo Bianco and Collezione II Mara — can be customized to suit the palette of the room and scale of the wall, but we’re definitely on Team Bigger is Better. Made from a polyester/natural-fiber technology containing 31 percent recycled material, each offers a green alternative for custom commercial-grade wallpaper. $18 to $30 a square foot, at