Main (Street) Attraction

CBD Provisions

Terri Taylor  |  Photos by CBD Provisions. Photo by Mei-Chun Jau.
November 22, 2013

Part of the Joule Hotel’s $78 million expansion, the stylish new brasserie CBD Provisions is destined to become another hip haunt for downtowners. A creation of Consilient Restaurants, CBD Provisions is revving up the central business district with daily offerings of breakfast, lunch, dinner and libations. Its interior — designed by Claudia Woods — combines old-style warmth and big-city sophistication. Dangling, crackled-glass light fixtures illuminate mosaic tiles, plum leather upholstery and salvaged wood flooring. The retro-chic decor inspires one to step up to the expansive bar and order an old-fashioned or a bourbon-centric specialty such as a Doctor’s Orders, a potion of bourbon, applejack and rum splashed over minted crushed ice with a squirt of Dublin Dr Pepper syrup. (Yes, someone squirreled away a supply of DDP. But when it’s gone, it’s gone, so best shake a leg.) North Texas craft brews are well represented, as are boutique wines. Executive chef and urbane downtown resident Michael Sindoni has created a whimsical menu that’s firmly rooted in Texas traditions, and he seeks out local producers for ingredients. “I’ve always been intrigued by the culinary history of Texas — the big flavors, from smoky to spicy, and its multicultural influences,” he says. You’ll crave his buttery-crusted little goat pies, stuffed with stout-braised cabrito. Broiled gulf oysters are served with an absinthe-whipped lardo and a crumble of bacon. The locally raised butcher’s steak with chimichurri is delectably tender. For spice, try the Gulf shrimp with homestead grits and ’nduja, a peppery spreadable sausage that gives the dish its kick. Don’t miss breakfast … or the Sunday brunch. Specialties such as green chile pork tacos with scrambled eggs and buckwheat pancakes with Texas blueberry jam are worth an early rise. 1530 Main St., 214.261.4500;