Earthly Ether

Mary Lambrakos
October 22, 2013

While the environs of Etheria, located off Montrose near the museum district, are urban, main throughways within Houston’s newly circumscribed ‘inner loop’ metropolis, the space itself is an ode to the sanctuary—a conscious retreat away from the hustle (and stress) of city life to focus on oneself. Etheria offers the traditional array of spa services from hair design, nail care, body treatments and skin care. From the Latin ‘aether’ or the ‘upper, pure and bright air,’ Etheria maintains a distinct approach to spa treatment, culling and applying exotic ingredients and techniques, Moroccan rhassoul mud or seaweed kurs, to stimulate the senses and transport the client to a space untouched by everyday reality.

Indulging in the services, I discovered another integral aspect to Etheria’s method: the advancement and promotion of the science of skin care. This conscious effort to seek out products that represent a scientific approach to results catalyzed the recent integration of the Stemulation product line, which is based on stem cell research. Etheria is the only spa in Houston currently offering this line.

Laurie Nicoll, president and CEO of Stemulation, is by trade a business person, but her keen sensibility and her own struggle to cement a personal skin regimen, resulted in a creative collaboration: the application of medical advancements in stem cell research to the skin-care market in the form of easy-to-use and effective products that generate visible proactive and anti-aging results for both younger and mature skin.

Interview with Laurie Nicoll

Stemulation Basics

Is Stemulation FDA approved?

FDA approval in terms of clinical validation is not required for the distribution of cosmetic products such as Stemulation. Evidence and testimonials are available online and highlight the visible results that are integral to Stemulation’s research-based approach.

Who is the Stemulation user?

Recommended combinations of the products are based on the desired result, be it prevention or anti-aging. Women are a considerable audience; men, who appreciate a streamlined regimen, also represent a loyal and consistent clientele base.

How is Stemulation marketed and where is it available?

Stemulation is available online but is also marketed through all professional channels, including doctors, aestheticians, and spas. Education is an important aspect to understanding how the product works and its unique composition as compared to other available lines; the professional network is integral to the distribution and proliferation of the product. Internationally, Stemulation is available in Canada, currently the strongest market, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

How long do the Stemulation results maintain? How are the best results achieved?

Like any other healthy habit, be it taking vitamins or working out, the goal is for long-term effects and maintenance. Maximum results are achieved through consistency and continued adherence to the daily regimen. Stemulation products not only replenish skin with its own natural growth factors (by the age of fifty, less than two percent of the stem cells we are born with remain), the concentrated addition of vitamins contribute to the appearance of healthy, vibrating skin.

What is the monthly cost breakdown for an anti-aging regimen? Preventative regimen?

For products directed towards preventative care, such as the cleanser and boost cream, the monthly cost is around sixty-five dollars, as they can be used over a three-month period. The combination of the cleanser, serum and boost (the anti-aging regimen) breaks down to about one hundred and fifty dollars per month. 

How did the development and creation of Stemulation resonate with your personal history of skin care?

I look at the opportunity to create Stemulation as a godsend, allowing me to turn a negative personal experience into a positive one for myself and anyone else who has either struggled or felt defeated in search of a skin care regimen.

I was born with a vitamin-D deficiency and from age 3 was taken from dermatologist to dermatologist in an attempt to alleviate the signs of early aging (premature wrinkling of the hands and décolletage) that are symptomatic of this deficiency. Some approaches were traumatic, especially for a child. I specifically remember a light treatment room where if I were to touch a wall, I would be burned. The pharmaceutical products were always sticky and had a distinct smell. By my late teens and twenties, I had become so familiar with products that I eventually started mixing them together for more effective results.

What does Stemulation stimulate?

In 2007, after the economic crisis, I shifted my executive and business development skills to the biotechnology field, specifically stem cell research. I was meeting with doctors and was able to witness and understand first hand the healing properties of stem cells in organ growth and regeneration and the impact this research had in the development of new treatments for diabetes and other illnesses related to impaired cells.

After learning about the benefits of stem cells, I asked a simple question: can these healing properties be replicated in skin care? Stem cells were already being used for skin grafting but had not been applied to the cosmetic market.

After two years of testing and development, Stemulation was released. By supplementing and stimulating our body’s reserve of stem cells, Stemulation products reduce the appearance of fatigued tissue or wrinkles and improve the skin’s texture, restoring its youthful vibrancy.