Shop in the Name of Love

Partners Card

Lauren Scheinin
October 01, 2013

If you’ve ever needed a nudge before making a splurge, then Partners Card provides justification with a capital “J.” This year’s co-chairs Annika Cail, Katy Duvall and Sara Friedman, along with honorary co-chairs Beth Rafferty and Shay Geyer, take the reins of the 21-year-old shopping extravaganza that has raised more than $13 million for The Family Place — one of the most respected family violence service providers in the state — to date. The 10-day spree runs Friday, October 25, through Sunday, November 3, with more than 750 retailers and restaurants offering 20 percent savings. All proceeds of the $70 Partners Card go directly to The Family Place. To purchase, visit or dial 214.443.7754.