Erin Wasson: Styled to Rock

Q&A With Our October Cover Girl

Amy Adams and Kate Stukenberg. Photography Eric Guillemain for 2b Management.
October 21, 2013

Erin Wasson for IMG Models. Photography Eric Guillemain for 2b Management. Executive fashion editor Kate Stukenberg. Art director Michelle Aviña. Assistant fashion editor Megan Pruitt Winder. Hair Harry Josh at Makeup Hung Vanngo for CK One Color Cosmetics at The Wall Group. Photo assistant Go Sugimoto for 2b Management. Hair assistant Ty Shearn for Makeup assistant Yuko Aoki for CK One Color Cosmetics at The Wall Group. Erin Wasson’s stylist Brandon Palas. 

There are multiple reasons to love this month’s cover girl, Erin Wasson: She hails from Irving, Texas. She’s strutted every runway that ever mattered. She rocked the role as a bloodsucker in the delectably absurd Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. She serves on the advisory board of Saving America’s Mustangs. She shares her rocker-chic style through her Low Luv jewelry collection. She’s poised to make reality television cool via her presence on this season’s Styled to Rock. And she never, ever does anything half-assed. We pop into her very cool New York apartment, where she answers our questions with the same no-holds-barred approach.

How did the gig with Styled to Rock come about? I received a call from the producers and was asked to be a mentor. I think, given the spirit of the show, I was chosen based on my perspective on fashion and my innate desire to challenge myself within that realm.

Would you rather style fellow Styled to Rock mentor Pharrell Williams or Rihanna? Rihanna.

The mark of a great stylist. Insane amounts of research, plus the ability to turn the abstract into reality and create a feeling through clothing.

Favorite restaurants in Dallas. Gloria’s. The seaweed salad at Pupusas.

When can we expect your jewelry collection, Low Luv, to relaunch? What’s the inspiration? The line will relaunch at the end of the year. I had to reconfigure things for myself; I needed to get back quality control, control of sales and all the things that you don’t get in a licensing deal. I took what I learned, took a step back and made it feel right for myself with a partner, and found a new perspective. It is definitely more work, but well worth it.

Tell us more about the art show you’re curating in L.A. What media, gallery and how many artists?
It’s a combination of 17 different artists from NY and L.A. A mix of sculptures, video, paintings and photography. Nick Stewart and David Quadrini did all the work, and I’ve been there to just love and be supportive. Creative minds coming together is my favorite thing in the world.

What do you do for a living? What would your title be? Sensual Adventurer.

What are your hangouts in New York? Mostly I stay at home; it’s about a good dinner at this point in my life. I do like an occasional night at Elsa with friends.

You’re reading … Vladimir Nabokov by Jane Grayson.

So, what’s interesting about Nabokov? Despite having a life of struggle, abandonment of home, social position and even his writing in his native language, his work is still joyful.

A place that makes you very, very uncomfortable. Going to flea markets and being followed by girls that don’t have the balls to say hello.

Favorite Dallas haunts. I always shop at Jackie Bolin’s store V.O.D. and spend my days in the garden at the Nasher Sculpture Center.

Last vacation. Paia, Maui, in Hawaii. My goal is to abort all this shit and move to Hawaii.

Beauty products I can’t live without. Any and all skincare from Terri Lawton and my Maybelline Great Lash Mascara.

Must-have Fall 2013 collection. I really love Marc Jacobs this season.

Favorite room in your new house in Venice. Every room — I f***ing love my house! The spirit is incredible, and this is the first home I’ve lived in where I can host my whole family under the same roof. Venice suits my lifestyle.

Song that makes you want to dance. “The Nitty Gritty” by Shirley Ellis.

Current obsession. Lotusland in Santa Barbara.

Signature fragrance. Justice Bodan oils.

Favorite outfit from childhood. Overalls by OshKosh B’gosh.

Most recent art acquisition. Scott Reeder painting.

How do you see the modeling industry evolving? The rise of social media has changed the game. It is no longer “exclusive,” I suppose. I used to feel like we all were part of a secret society, but not so much now. Everything and everyone has access.

What did you want to be when you were a kid? A chef.

What do you want people to remember about you? That I took risks, worked hard, that I stayed true to myself and that I shared a spirit with the world that made them think that anything is possible.

Best cowboy boots. Stallion from El Paso and R. Soles from London.

Best places to shop vintage. Dolly Python in Dallas, Narnia in New York and Animal House in Venice.

Your morning juice. Apple turmeric or spicy ginger citrus.

Why did you name your dog Cream? The band! Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker are magic.

In the band cream, who do you prefer: Eric or ginger? Or both? Ha, both! Eric and Ginger. But Ginger was the special kind of crazy and talented.

Favorite memory of working with Al Tidwell. Every one of them! We worked in Fair Park once, and he had these short denim cutoffs with a little Chinese-star hat. From behind, his legs are better than mine! He has that “thing.” He just brings goodness and joy wherever he goes.