Fall Leaves

My favorite time of year. The rustle of new pages, the smell of fresh inkā€¦

Holly Moore
October 23, 2013

Fall is when publishers present their new crop of blockbuster books. Here, some of my picks.

We’ve been smitten with London-based designer Alidad for eons. In the first book dedicated solely to his work, Alidad: The Timeless Home (Rizzoli, $60), we are bewitched by his bravura performance
of Orientalism and chinoiserie spanning baroque to neoclassicism, mixing, layering and patterning.

Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt continues to dazzle with his seeming simplicity … but in reality, it’s a forceful commitment to absolute harmony and beauty. In Axel Vervoordt: Living With Light (Rizzoli, $75), the serenity and sensibility of light glow within the centuries-old castles, châteaux and villas that are Vervoordt’s oeuvre.

Suzanne Kasler is one of the designers speaking at The Houston Design Center’s Fall Market Tuesday, October 29 (see page 54 for details). She will be signing her book Suzanne Kasler: Timeless Style (Rizzoli, $55), and this is one to add to the design library — a beautiful palette, simple glamour. Take a look at these sneak peeks. Signed and inscribed books are available; order through curatebooks@papercitymag.com.

Designer Jeffrey Alan Marks will be signing his book Jeffrey Alan Marks: The Meaning of Home at Houston Design Center Fall Market Tuesday, October 29 (see page 54 for details). His work resonates with a beachy vibe, and the pages include his own Santa Monica Canyon beach house. Signed and inscribed books are available through curatebooks@papercitymag.com.


This book is beyond. Where are these houses? Not in Texas, that’s for sure. The Art of the Interior: Timeless Designs by the Master Decorators (by Barbara Stoeltie, Flammarion, $65) gives a view of the greatest interior styles of the past 400 years, by era-defining designers Robert Adam, Jacques Garcia, John Saladino and Stefan Schad, among others.

Imagine happening upon an 18th-century crumbling château in the French countryside, falling in love and bidding for ownership against French businessmen who want to turn it into a spa and hotel. And you’re American. From L.A. It’s a true story: Decorator Timothy Corrigan — one of Architectural Digest’s AD 100, an avid scholar of French architecture and design history — was permitted to purchase the château. He spent the next five years meticulously restoring and chronicling his architectural adventure. His book, An Invitation to Château du Grand-Lucé (Rizzoli, $65), chronicles the restoration. Signed and inscribed books are available; order by October 21 through curatebooks@papercitymag.com.

Who doesn’t love the glowing debutante at the winter cotillions at the Waldorf, coming-out summer soirées in Newport and glistening nights at the Crillon in Paris. In Debutantes: When Glamour Was Born (by Diana Oswald, Rizzoli, $55), we see wonderfully candid shots and portraits by Cecil Beaton, Toni Frissell and Slim Aarons, their lenses capturing Nicole du Pont, Lavinia Baker, Mazie Cox and Tricia Nixon, among other debs in flowing white.