It Takes a Village (Kitchen)

Village Kitchen

Lauren Scheinin
September 09, 2013

Village Kitchen, 32 Highland Park Village, 214.522.6035;

Even the most committed fashion fiend is bound to get hungry at some point. So figures Village Kitchen, the new Twomey Concepts eatery situated in the downstairs portion of the former Marquee Grill in Highland Park Village. Serving up lunch and dinner seven days a week with a menu that caters to size 2s and families alike, we’re betting the buttered popcorn crème brûlée and Fruity Pebbles milkshake become this season’s guilty caloric pleasure. Hardwood floors, wooden tables covered in butcher’s block paper and works from local artists serve as a homey backdrop for Chef Andre Natera’s roasted chicken with quinoa pilaf, barbecue ribs, and fried burrata and tomato salad.