Jewels in the Mood

Cartier's Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague

Kate Stukenberg
July 15, 2013

In a stunning new array of jewels, Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague, Cartier exemplifies the seven moods of a Parisian woman: mischievous, voluptuous, impish, emancipated, sparkling, glamorous and delicate. The French jeweler has even matched each of the spirited sets to a corresponding architectural element of the City of Light. In Voluptueuse, pearls and diamonds are embedded within swirling arabesque gold cuffs and rings, calling to mind the extravagance of the Paris Opera House at night. The intelligence and culture of the Trocadéro echo in the minimalist sphere-like designs of Affranchie (“emancipated”), which dazzle with smoky quartz, hematites, amethysts and calibrated diamonds. Pétillante (“sparkling”) is merry like the Moulin Rouge at midnight, shimmering with fireworks of festive bead frills decked with diamonds and pink sapphires. The moods change with every step around the city, from Impertinente (“impish”), inspired by the bustle of the Luxembourg Gardens in the afternoon, to Espiégle (“mischievous”), in which the child’s play of the Tuileries in the evening tumbles through a colorful confetti of stones, and Glamour, where the waters of the Seine seem to ripple through its shape and curves. The Délicate rings and pendant necklaces are right up my alley (or should I say rue?), their simplicity capturing the charm of a morning stroll down a Parisian avenue — a reminder that it’s been too long since my last proménade there. At least we have jewels to remind us. From $2,740, at the Cartier boutique.