Word on Elizabeth Street


Kate Stukenberg
July 01, 2013

An inspiring Web site for stylish mothers, elizabethstreet.com, has expanded to Houston and Dallas. The site launched in New York City in 2012 and has since spread to posh locales the world over, including L.A., London, Paris and Tokyo. Tastemaker moms — from jet-setters to working professionals — provide their take on the best in culture, fashion and lifestyle happenings that are family-friendly, too. “I believe Texas women take their style and lifestyle seriously, but they also care about their families and charity,” says founder Emanuele Della Valle, son of Diego Della Valle (who owns the famous Tod’s label). “These are the key elements to becoming an Elizabeth Street Mom.” Houston mothers featured on the site include fashion accessories designer Alexandra Knight, philanthropist Greggory Burk, Laboratoria shop owner Tatiana Massey and interior designer Elizabeth Young; their top tips will be displayed on elizabethstreet.com in various formats, from profiles to street style diaries and the perfect weekend itinerary. elizabethstreet.com.