Tuck & Cover

Shore Sunhats

Lacy Ball
June 25, 2013

“Cross our hearts and if you dye, our hats will keep your color and blow-dry” promises Shore Sunhats, the upshot of three entrepreneurial sisters. Tired of hearing “Mommy, please come get in the water” and guiltily responding, “Honey, I’m on the edge of the pool. Don’t splash please. I just got my hair done,” Tracy Bundy (who lives in Dallas), Kim Laguzza, and Donna Morrow went to work. The siblings were inspired by their mother’s always perfect coif (even after being tucked under a not-so-stylish cap) when creating their Dallas-made collection of bucket and wide-brimmed cotton hats. Fabrics resist water, stains and UV rays, and come in 24 vivid patterns and prints designed by the trio. Inside the crown is an ingenious elastic band guaranteed to keep your lid in place without creasing your Brazilian blowout. The threesome has also launched a line of coordinating totes — ever mindful of wet towels, iPhones and the latest Vogue — with a designated pouch for each essential. $60 to $130, at The Hawaiiana; shoresunhats.com.