One Room Can Make a Difference

The Reading Room

Catherine D. Anspon
June 11, 2013

Sometimes the most modest space emits the biggest statement. Witness Karen Weiner’s The Reading Room, with its hidden-in-plain-sight vine-enveloped Fair Grounds address. Inside, the proprietor is obsessed with text-based works — those bearing messages of social import —plus readings, often on the hour, by the likes of authoritative types Dee Mitchell and Sally Glass. Not surprisingly, Cynthia Mulcahy and Robert Hamilton’s Seventeen Hundred Seeds even made a PA during one of the early shows, “Y’Utopias,” curated by Janeil Engelstad of Make Art With Purpose. Next: Jesse Morgan Barnett’s weirdly cool amalgamation of fishing, weather and food (June 1 - 29; reception Saturday, June 1, noon to 8 pm). 3715 Parry Ave., 214.952.4109;