Drama McQueen

Alexander McQueen in Highland Park Village

Amy Adams
May 09, 2013

London-based architect David Collins can pack a lot of inspiration into nearly 1,900 square feet, as evidenced by the new Alexander McQueen boutique in Highland Park Village. References to imagined flora, Francis Bacon’s paintings of popes, Rorschach inkblots and the human skeleton run rampant throughout the space, as do the collection’s signatures such as curved seams and the armadillo shoe. It takes a very secure designer willing to house one’s work in a potentially thunder-stealing environment, but, clearly, creative director Sarah Burton is long on confidence. “It’s very McQueen to see something from a distance and think it’s one thing, and then to look up close and discover something else. It’s important to us that everything in the store feel very precious,” she notes. Smashed and reassembled marble floors, lacquered linen walls, molded plaster panels (featuring wings, shells, seahorse tails and more), velvet furnishings with bronze monster-claw feet and pink glass lighting reminiscent of a coral reef set the stage for women’s and mens’ ready-to-wear and accessories, including footwear, bags and the iconic scarves. Given that McQueen is the headliner at the upcoming Crystal Charity luncheon — and the current collection was inspired by bees — we can’t imagine a sweeter draw. As if Highland Park Village needed any more buzz … Highland Park Village, Suite 44A, 214.559.6140; alexandermcqueen.com.