It's the Karl Lagerfeld Show

The Kaiser brings his blockbuster Chanel runway show, Métiers d’Art, to Dallas this December.

Kate Stukenberg
May 03, 2013

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art runway show is not the spring collection nor the fall collection. It’s a once-a-year extreme production designed to showcase the finest of Chanel’s creation, highlighting the historic, small French workrooms that produce couture-level featherwork (Lemarie), millinery (Michel), jewelry (Goosens), buttons (Desrues), fabric flowers and plants (Guillet), embroidery (Lesage) and bootmaking (Massaro). Chanel has brought these seven houses under its corporate wing to protect them from extinction, to preserve and nurture their valuable and irreplaceable heritage and consummate creativity. For what would Chanel be without its camellias, two-tone shoes, boaters, gilded chains and rich embroidery. Previous Métiers d’Art extravaganzas have occurred in the ruins of Linlithgow Palace in Scotland, where Mary, Queen of Scots was born. For another Métiers, Lagerfeld jetted to the Far East, seating a thousand guests on a darkened pontoon boat in the Huangpu River overlooking the city of Shanghai’s impressive skyline. Even when Lagerfeld hosted Métiers d’Art in Paris, the opulence knew no bounds, as any guest at the Paris-Bombay collection can attest: All were seated for high tea at elaborate tables that crafted a runway, and dined during the show. A small silver train with interlocking CC’s circled the tables carrying decanters of liquor. And then there were the shows in Moscow, the gardens of Versailles and Venice. So, why Dallas? We can hardly hazard a guess, except that cities such as Dallas and Houston are the new American cities — sparkling with opportunity, creativity and power. It’s anyone’s guess where the Dallas stage will be set (they’re not telling), but you can bet it will be spectacular if its design is anywhere within the spectrum of previous productions. And the scene and setting naturally foretell the collection theme. Linlithgow Palace was all tartans and ruffs; Paris-Bombay was turbans and tikkas, maharajas and churidars. And Dallas will be … No, it is not possible. It will be something we have never imagined. But all the elaborate production aside, the spectacular clothing is the heart of the show. And how often does a city get to play a lead role in a fashion collection. Will Karl be here? You bet your chaussures. Chanel Métiers d’Art, coming December 2013 to Dallas.