The Best of Intentions

BuDhaGirl Jewelry Collection

Amy Adams
April 19, 2013

If your only morning ritual consists of a strong cup of coffee, Jessica Jesse has something in store for you. The co-founder and creative director of BuDhaGirl has developed a jewelry collection that strikes a unique balance between ornamentation and contemplation, as evidenced by the Deco-inspired Core cuff (in carnelian, jade, onyx or ivory colors) with a coffer lid that opens to reveal a hidden compartment intended to house a reminder … or, in Jesse’s parlance, an intention. These miniature collectibles evoke spiritual iconography found throughout the world, including the Virgin of Guadalupe, Ganesha, Star of David and a Celtic Cross. Altogether, there are 36 reminders with simple affirmations ranging from a better memory to increased fortitude. Explains the Dallasite, “As our clients prepare for each day, we encourage them to take a moment and focus 30 seconds on what they want. We believe that intentions define outcomes and that contemplative practices lead to better brain health. BuDhaGirl products serve as a visual reminder for purposeful interaction.” But even those who raise an eyebrow at the esoteric will succumb to this collection’s surface appeal, i.e., the effortlessly cool all-weather rubber bangles dusted in gold, the stingray wrist wraps and multi-link temple chain. All proof that style with substance makes a very fashionable statement. $35 to $395, at Ceylon et Cie;