My, How They've Grown

Scott + Cooner's Expansion

Kendall Morgan
April 10, 2013

Suggesting that Lloyd Scott and Josy Cooner-Collins own the room isn’t just an idle observation … it’s now a fact. The dynamic duo recently added 5,000 square feet to Scott + Cooner in the Design District. While a portion of this expansion is devoted to lighting from Delta Light and the Soft Architecture collection by FLOS, a sprawling 3,500 square feet houses the full range of modern furniture from B&B Italia. Landing the latter was a decades-long quest, says Scott, who has been selling the collection in their Austin location for two years. “We’ll have all the top items — it’s B&B Italia with a fresh face.” The new lighting showroom is geared as much to the modernist home as it is to a boutique hotel or of-the-moment bistro; because of this, the partners created a new Scott + Cooner Contract division to appeal to commercial designers and architects. “This lighting is contract - or architecture-based because it’s something that has to be thought about — it’s not about moving into an apartment and putting a pendant light over the dining room table,” she explains. “What Josy and I do is try and have the most cutting-edge design that’s out there. These designs are for a renovation of your environment, and you can do it in so many ways.” 1617 Hi Line Dr., 214.748.9838;