Boogie Fever

Scooter Boogie

Savannah Christian
April 05, 2013

Whether your “I’m not leaving the house” excuse is the flu, an unfortunate haircut, a Homeland marathon or sheer laziness, Scooter Boogie’s got your back. This new food delivery service caters to nine local zip codes — think Uptown, Downtown, Deep Ellum, Lower Greenville, Lakewood and around Bishop Arts. For a flat $10 rate, owners Leo Morales and Jonas Zimmer dispatch one of six drivers to fetch your call-in order from any Dallas restaurant. Select an eatery from Scooter’s network — à la Ketchup Burger Bar or The Mecca — and the fee is halved. The Jetsons-worthy scooters emit minimal fumes, and their insulated compartments keep food the proper temp en route. Each scooter even has a name. “As of now, we have Whiskers, Shaky, Lucky and Number 3,” Morales says. As for the catchy moniker, that was the name of the owners’ “scooter gang” a few years back. Oh, and if it’s adult libations you need, Scooter Boogie will make a timely run to Lucky Liquor on your behalf. Deliveries begin at 11 am daily. 214.742.7700;