Completing Isabella Court

David Shelton Gallery

Catherine D. Anspon
April 17, 2013

One of the most welcome transplants ever, dealer David Shelton — whose home and collection graced these pages in our February issue — has brought the best and brightest of the San Antonio scene to his handsome Isabella Court storefront, as well as completed the hole in the Isabella lineup left when a previous gallery shuttered. But his new space is more than a mere placeholder — its HQ for action, manifesting a robust stable that shows off Texas power players such as Cruz Diaz, exhibited this March, with a nifty series of cartoon-inflected works on panel; Kelly O’Connor, whose girl-powered collages are utterly engaging, fresh and retro at the same time; Joey Fauerso, a mistress of video and photography; and Sara Frantz, of the chilling landscapes that appear cinematic. And arriving soon: the oh-so smart “Style as Substance,” curated by Rachel LaBine and Keith J. Varadi, both of NYC (April 5 – May 11). 3909 Main Street, 832.538.0924;