PC Acquire: This Takes the Cake

Artist Fernando Ramirez

PC Staff
February 08, 2013

For this month’s PC Acquire headliner, we tapped upcoming Texas talent Fernando Ramirez, whose deft touch with a pen and colored inks was recently showcased in “Flying Solo” at Art League Houston. A 2009 BFA grad of the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute, Ramirez has percolated on the scene for the past several years until he was discovered by the Art League’s curatorial eye, Jennie Ash. Inspired by our bridal issue, the master of the inks created a special take on a modern wedding party, complete with soaring bride and groom, anthropomorphic gifts, a ring character and a towering, architectural cake. The timing is perfect: Ramirez’s limited-edition volume has just been released, a curated collection of 21 images, informed by cartooning and art historical precedents, published by Blurb, also available through PC Acquire. Original drawings, 9 by 12 inch, from $450; book $195. Inquiries Seth Vaughan, seth@papercitymag.com.