Field of Dreams

The Nuptials of James Kicinski-McCoy and Aubrey McCoy

HELLO. i am a girl named james, married to a boy named aubrey. This is how James Kicinski-McCoy’s blog,, begins. James and Aubrey McCoy’s wedding was as perfectly pitched as her blog is charming and honest. Crafted more than produced, tender more than fashionable, James’ wedding to Aubrey took place in a field of dreams, one might say.

First Sight. “I used to have an online vintage shop, and Aubrey would harass me via e-mail to start carrying men’s clothing, then it turns out we lived near each other (in Florida). Long story short, we met for the first time in a CVS parking lot — so romantic. We’ve been together for five years.” — James

The Proposal. “Aubrey planned a weekend away with friends at a private ranch. He asked me to be his wife under a blanket of stars. I said yes.” — James

We Dipped. “The Flashdance DJ played it all — soul, oldies, hip-hop, rock ‘n’ roll, under a ceiling of nearly 2,000 black feathers hand dipped in gold paint. Guests cooled off with a dip in the pool at 4 am, suits, dresses and all.” — James