Surrealist + Post-Pop + Feminist

Catherine D. Anspon
January 07, 2013

All three of those adjectives describe Rosa Loy’s art-making: pitch-perfect canvases and works on paper that hypnotize the viewer with an unorthodox, albeit compelling amalgamation of surrealism colliding with pop. Her works are smartly informed by a cast of memorable femmes who enact unsettling parts in complex narratives — enchantresses, explorers, guards, girlfriends, matriarchs, schemers, dreamers, workers and sphinxes. Come Thursday, January 24, Leipzig-based Loy takes a bow at McClain Gallery, marking her first visit to Houston from her native Germany and the solo debut in Texas for this internationally exhibited conjurer of images. From $3,000, ”Rosa Loy,” January 24 – March 2, at McClain Gallery;