Okay, Boys, Clean Up Your Act

Kale Naturals

Savannah Christian
December 18, 2012

Tia Pettijohn and Dana Kale saw a need for gentler grooming essentials as their sons graduated from children’s products to whatever was in their fathers’ showers. The Dallas duo was determined to create sporty, plant-based formulations without resorting to commonly used parabens and chemicals. A secondary — but equally important — objective was packaging their products in a way that minimized environmental impact, with a design appealing to men. The result is Kale Naturals, a line of shampoo, cleansers, shave cream and scrubs with ingredients that are naturally derived, vegan friendly and made in the USA; all housed in post-consumer recycled materials. At Neiman Marcus, Pockets Menswear, St. Bernard Sports.