Art Notes

Houston Art News for December

Catherine D. Anspon
December 12, 2012

Good Gifting: As we wrap the year, we’re giving thanks for Houston Arts Alliance, whose innovative Web site makes donating to your fave arts nonprofit a breeze … Speaking of HAA, we’ll be following more stories in 2013, including the continuing impact of The Creative Economy Study, commissioned by HAA and the University of Houston in tandem with the Greater Houston Partnership. The numbers reveal there are more jobs (146,000 plus) in our creative economy than at the Medical Center, while our creative sector fuels a staggering $21.93 billion annually in sales … Jewelers shine in dual shows this season: Raphaele’s dramatic bijoux creations, many from found objets, at Darke Gallery (through December 22). Then visit Goldesberry Gallery’s final show: an over-the-top jewelry showcase including works by Edward Lane McCartney (through December 24).

Return of the Prodigal Son: Angelbert Metoyer touches down at Deborah Colton Gallery to unveil a new series of drawings, continuing his cosmic babies and interest in time travel. Alongside Metoyer, it’s an enticing array, including emerging video talent Brent Bruni Comiskey, PC Acquire headliner Deborah Treviño Porter, as well as Soody Sharifi‘s updates on Persian miniatures (through January 19).

Super Eight/Dirty Dozen: Our hometown talents are celebrated here and on the road. At the Station Museum of Contemporary Art, the “HX8” [Houston Time Eight] presents our best and brightest including respected senior masters Forrest Prince, Lynn Randolph and Floyd Newsum, as well as Whitney Biennial-shown Robert Pruitt (through February 17) … Hit the highway and head to the rebranded Blue Star in San Antonio for “The Dirty Dozen,” which pairs Houston and San Antonio artists side-by-side; representing our burg are Susan Plum, Liza Littlefield, Nancy Douthey (with a new performance), Jonathan Leach and Ann Wood. Yours truly curates (December 6 – February 16).

Alternative Wows: Some of the strongest exhibitions are mounted by Lawndale Art Center, Art League Houston and at the new midtown digs of DiverseWorks (more coming in our January issue). Check out, respectively, a show all about boredom at Lawndale (through January 12), Art League’s really major “Stacks” curated by Robert Pruitt that examines the black experience (through January 4), and DW’s talk of the town, a wild installation by Franklin Evans (through January 5).

Moving On Up: PG Contemporary moves to 4411 Montrose, come January. Meanwhile, at PG’s Milam digs, Japanese action painter and performer Ushio Shinohara headlines concurrently with his show at MoMA (through December 5, reopening at 4411 January 12) … See late Houston color-field great Dorothy Hood at Thom Andriola/New Gallery (through December) … We also love the sublime and simple splendor of Joe Havel’s cast book stacks and minimalist shirt-label wall pieces at Hiram Butler Gallery (through January 26) … “The Realist Impulse” at Rudolph Blume/ArtScan presents a disquieting take on realism (through January 12); and Barbara Davis’ round up includes Jay Shinn, who trips the light fantastic, and Paul Fleming of the fabulous futuristic resin (through January 5).

Noteworthy Doubleheader: Laura Rathe’s dual solos for Erik Gonzales and Tamara Robertson (December 1 – January 5). See you in 2013.