Tiffany Celebrates 175 Brilliant Years

Debut: Jewels of a Magnificent Legacy

Caroline Gallay
December 18, 2012

Tiffany & Co. may be timeless, but it does age — gracefully: The iconic brand is celebrating its 175th year of defining tastes and setting the standard for hopeful beaux everywhere. To mark this monumental birthday, Tiffany is debuting Jewels of a Magnificent Legacy, and legacy it is … with a 14-carat emerald-cut diamond ring and a rare, vivid green-blue diamond that replicates the signature robin’s-egg blue box. The collection also pays homage to stones that Tiffany made famous such as morganite, tanzanite and kunzite, which was named for ex-vice president George Frederick Kunz in 1902. Three stunning anniversary necklaces feature the three stones: kunzite in a simple, elegant pendant; morganite encased in an ornate bow-tied ribbon of diamonds; and tanzanite with a thick surrounding fringe of brilliant round diamonds in platinum. Each necklaces features a 175-carat center stone as a testament to the brand’s enormous — and shining — legacy. At the Tiffany & Co. boutique.