Then and Now Again

Savannah Christian
November 30, 2012

While traveling through Albuquerque, Antèks proprietor and designer Jason Lenox happened upon a stunning collection of turn-of-the-century Navajo objects. The craftsmanship was superb, yet he felt a modern interpretation might be in order. Thus, Lenox opted to work with German silver, an alloy containing nickel and copper for a not-so-shiny finish, and one-of-a-kind turquoise cabochons from the mines of the Sonoran Desert, while staying true to the original hand-stamped detailing. The result is a vintage-inspired assemblage of jewelry boxes, candlesticks, cigar ashtrays, letter openers, small trays, matchbox covers and picture frames created by skilled artisans. And, like its predecessors, each remains slightly unique. $69 to $495, at Antèks, The Arrangement, The Gypsy Wagon, The Modern, Pinto Ranch.