Winners by a Nose

LAFCO Diffusers

Amy Adams
October 02, 2012

If you don’t own a lighthouse, at least smell as if you do. LAFCO owner Jon Brasler makes it happen with his oversized art glass diffusers featuring fragrances from the original candle collection. (Guests at The Mansion are well acquainted with LAFCO‘s Daffodil scent sweetly permeating the lobby.) Match each essence to a specific room or to the contents of
your real estate portfolio. Latter choices include the aforementioned Lighthouse, as well as Ranch, Beach House, Ski Lodge, Farm and Tree Aerie. According to Brasler, “These aren’t diffusers you have to hide behind a bookcase. We don’t include logos on them because once they leave the store, they’re yours … not ours.” Expect the essential oils to last between six months and a year. The key, Brasler says, is to place them well away from vents and, assumedly, wayward ships. At LAFCO, Nicholson-Hardie, Stanley Korshak.