It's a Whole New World

Venezuelan Sculptor Clemencia Labin

Catherine D. Anspon  |  Photos by Photo courtesy the artist and Diana Lowenstein Gallery, Miami.
October 01, 2012

New World Museum director Armando Palacios once again lures a Venice Biennale talent to town. Venezuelan sculptor Clemencia Labin — whose installation at her country’s pavilion for the 2011 Biennale won over even the toughest critics for its enchanting amalgamation of color, shape, soft sculpture, design and architecture — makes her Texas debut his month with a site-specific show for New World. Watch for Labin’s signature tropical palette, inspired by the streetscape of neighborhoods in her native Maracaibo, applied upon a fantastical kingdom of structures resembling sentient beings clothed in riotous fabrics and pulsating colors. We hope the artist will don her fabulous peppermint-hued braids, which make her resemble a character on a set of a Saturday morning cartoon. Clemencia’s Playhouse, anyone? “Clemencia Labin: WhiteGold,” opening Wednesday, October 17, 7 to 9 pm, through November 21; New World Museum, 5230 Center St.,713.426.4544;