PC Acquire

Brent Bruni Comiskey

PC Staff
April 04, 2012

This month’s PC Acquire talent is one of our most multifaceted to date, manifesting a rock ’n’ roll vibe that marries street photography à la Garry Winnogrand with the fashion eye of Terry Richardson, plus a dose of ’70s-era grunge and glam tossed in. Meet Brent Bruni Comiskey, a native Texan known for his passion for indie music — he’s a founding member of the experimental art-rock-noise band Diamond Shamrock and published the alternative ‘90s music mag Thora-Zine — but mostly as the man with the lens. For decades, Comiskey’s documented the odd, the random, the nonsensical and the beautiful, from Tokyo to Paris, plus his own EaDo Houston neighborhood. Now from a cache of more than 100,000 images, we cull a collection of 24, offered in suites of three archival prints. You curate your personal trove of three. Each limited-edition image is 16 x 20 inches; a mini portfolio trio is $995, or acquire the complete collection of 24 images for $4,995. All images are mounted upon acrylic and ready to hang. To view Comiskey’s “Shoot for the Stars” series, navigate papercitymag.com/Arts. Inquiries Seth Vaughan, 713.524.0606, ext. 239; seth@papercitymag.com.


Heart + Star, 2011

Amour, 2010

Paw, 2011

Glossy-D, 2011

Mink + Honey, 2012

Blossom, 2012

Ice is Nice, 2010

Green Alert, 2012

Ring-a-Ling, 2012

Chocolate, 2012

Leaf + Fur, 2011

Pride, 2011

Owl, 2012

Love Backwards, 2004

Dirty Pink, 2006

Turn It Up, 2010

Rusty Gate, 2011

To The Future, 2012

Ode to W, 2011

Clean, 2011

Feather in a Crack, 2011

Crawfish Cowboy, 2005

Donkey Primer, 2011

My Heart the Empress, 2008