Paging Mr. Waters

“The Pope of Trash” comes to town.

Catherine D. Anspon
March 07, 2012

John Waters, the dashing, albeit disturbing filmmaker with the pencil-thin moustache who brought us Polyester (in pungent Odorama!), Pink Flamingos and Hairspray, hits Houston twice this month. “The Pope of Trash,” as William Burroughs anointed him, celebrated his hometown, Baltimore, as the land of churchgoers gone haywire, deranged housewives and outrageous drag queens. And now he arrives for his Houston debut with a one-man vaudeville act, This Filthy World: Filthier and Dirtier — a world tour in which Waters delivers a monologue on some of his fave trashy topics. This Filthy World will be performed for one night only at DiverseWorks Wednesday, March 14, subverting the nonprofit’s spring gala as DW’s main fund-raiser. (For sponsorship packages, including dinner with Waters, e-mail new executive director Elizabeth Dunbar, Very limited seats for the performance and cocktail are $250, through Megan Batson, 713.223.8346.) The next evening, discover a side of Waters you never knew: the serious artist. The art endeavors of the brilliant Prince of Bad Taste have earned him exhibitions from The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC. Now he makes a stand with a medley of sculpture and photography at McClain Gallery, opening Thursday, March 15 (through April 14). What’s a given? We’ll be bringing in a pink flamingo for Monsieur W. to sign.

Image: John Waters; photo Greg Gorman.